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Corporate culture is the "spiritual food" of employees, and it is the "powerful drum" that boosts the confidence of the team. It is the "lighthouse torch" that we have broken through. Give full play to the role of "adhesive, catalyst, lubricant" in corporate culture, and activate the "one pool of spring water" for cultural development, which will melt the "layer of ice" of enterprise development.

After years of development, it has formed an excellent and unique corporate culture with "integrity, innovation, people-oriented, harmony" as its core. But in the new stage of development, corporate culture also needs innovation, needs to be rich, and needs to be improved.

In order to ensure that the corporate culture can play a guiding role in the reform, innovation and development of the company, the company will further reorganize and refine the original specific business philosophy and the company's success based on the core corporate culture. This can become a new starting point for employees to understand the company's excellent corporate culture, and through its own summarization and deepening of sentiment, let it make every employee love for life. At the same time, I hope that through this sorting, refining and propaganda, we will further unify our thinking, enhance our cohesiveness, and promote the promotion of corporate management to contribute to the realization of the company's ambitious goals.

Core values: integrity, innovation, people, harmony


Integrity is the foundation of the enterprise, the foundation of reliability, and the treasure of development. First, we must be honest with our customers, second, we must be honest with our employees, third, we must be honest with our shareholders, we must be honest with the government, and we must be honest with society.


Without innovation, there is no development. Innovation is the soul of enterprise progress and the inexhaustible motive force for career advancement. First, we must innovate in culture, second, we must manage innovation, and third, we must innovate in technology.


People-oriented is the key to the success of the company. People-oriented, respectful, and caring people are placed in the management position, and they are the intimate and caring people of customers, employees, and shareholders. Only learning can succeed.


Harmony is a form of beauty that can unite people, unite strength, and achieve great achievements. Internally establish a harmonious work and living environment, and establish a harmonious cooperation and development platform to contribute to the harmonious development of society.

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