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First, talent is wealth

All kinds of excellent management, management and technical talents are the core wealth of the company.


Second, cultivate compound talents

With the gradual refinement of the social division of labor, in order to better coordinate and cooperate with each employee, Ningjiang Zonghui has been committed to cultivating compound talents with broad knowledge and expertise.


Third, the hero of success or failure

As the saying goes: "The hero is not determined by success or failure." However, the market competition is fierce and cruel. Failure means elimination. Only success can survive. Therefore, we advocate "being a hero in success or failure."


Fourth, equal opportunity

"Chen Li is listed, can't stop." Ningjiang Zonghui pays attention to the actual working ability of employees, and provides equal opportunities for development for each employee.


Five, know how to make good use of people

Not only the ability of academic qualifications, not only the performance of age, not only the quality of intelligence.


Sixth, attach importance to training

Full staff training is the basic strategy for the company to meet the challenges of the future. Ningjiang Zonghui attaches great importance to the development and cultivation of human resources within the enterprise, and has developed a series of training systems to truly achieve


"Love is talented and talented."

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